2017 Submissions

PIZZA Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
One Leg Up Drum N Bass Loop
Eye Don't Think So Ambient Loop
班長 HONCHO Experimental Loop
POCKY Experimental Loop
LAVA Experimental Loop
polyn9n Nerdcore Loop

2016 Submissions

like crazy Experimental Loop
Syndra Experimental Loop
F-ing Miscellaneous Loop
numb Experimental Loop
level Miscellaneous Loop
Sonya Blade Bicycle Kick Nerdcore Loop
simple Experimental Loop
WANT Experimental Loop
2561156 Experimental Loop
GHAST Miscellaneous Loop
2222 Miscellaneous Loop
Panthera Pardus Nerdcore Loop
POCKY BEAT Nerdcore Loop
TRIP Experimental Loop
AROUND Drum N Bass Loop
oceans Hip Hop - Modern Loop
LONDON Experimental Loop
HOW TO MAKE AN ALBUM 2 Experimental Song
TRUE Experimental Loop
take control Pop Loop
INDIGO Experimental Loop
BAG Experimental Loop
JUJU Experimental Loop
roasted Experimental Loop
TREASURY Experimental Loop
CINNABUN DOS Experimental Loop
POi Fusion Song
HOW TO MAKE AN ALBUM Experimental Song
BETAMAX Experimental Loop
RBD Nerdcore Loop
cheesecake Experimental Loop
oreo Nerdcore Loop
-minus- Experimental Loop
footwork_bihh Miscellaneous Loop
TETRIUM Experimental Loop
Wooom! Experimental Loop
TETRA Experimental Loop
INGAGI Experimental Loop
hands Experimental Loop
laughss Experimental Loop
great Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Act Like You Experimental Loop
lance Experimental Loop
likoo Experimental Loop
yucks Miscellaneous Loop
COME IN Experimental Loop
burying Experimental Loop
Noble Experimental Loop

2015 Submissions

uy uy Experimental Loop
dumdum Experimental Loop
SALTED Experimental Loop
reminder Experimental Loop
candy Experimental Loop
legs & thighs Miscellaneous Loop
THE OATH Experimental Loop
bumpbump Experimental Loop
coolranch Experimental Loop
fils Hip Hop - Modern Loop
farts Experimental Loop
cup Experimental Loop
seeds Hip Hop - Modern Loop
static Hip Hop - Modern Loop
that 70s flow Brit Pop Loop
fdfd Miscellaneous Song
lol Miscellaneous Loop
juice Experimental Loop
trash Experimental Loop
cooler Miscellaneous Loop
ultimate Experimental Loop
H.O.N.E. Experimental Loop
mtndew Experimental Loop
dikdik Miscellaneous Loop
carnevale Miscellaneous Loop
picture frame Fusion Loop
destroyed Experimental Loop
vinegar Experimental Loop
COME THRU!! Experimental Loop
milk House Loop
frost Experimental Loop
whoa!! Pop Loop
friedchickn Experimental Loop
break de floor Miscellaneous Loop
pops Pop Loop
de flavor Miscellaneous Loop
magiictrick Experimental Loop
breathe Experimental Loop
carrot Experimental Loop
standby Experimental Loop
looking for the perfect beat Fusion Song
easy Experimental Loop
freeze Experimental Loop
jalapeno Experimental Loop
salt n vinegar Hip Hop - Modern Loop
triple double Experimental Song
Can't Live Yesterday Pop Loop
nonsense Miscellaneous Loop
chirps Miscellaneous Loop
I hate your wig! Experimental Loop

2014 Submissions

VIANT Indie Loop
trek Experimental Loop
sausage Experimental Loop
shangatang Fusion Loop
Apocalypse Awakening Cinematic Loop
mocha World Loop
leopard print Miscellaneous Loop
rules Experimental Song
on my period Experimental Loop
caught ya Experimental Loop
lookout Experimental Loop
betrayed Miscellaneous Loop
wow Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
salads Miscellaneous Loop
furrow Experimental Loop
window Experimental Loop
goodie Miscellaneous Loop
killkill Miscellaneous Loop
dat mating call Miscellaneous Loop
samba Experimental Loop
goodbox Miscellaneous Loop
fails Miscellaneous Loop
raw chicken Experimental Loop
sticks and stones Experimental Loop
rains Miscellaneous Loop
grape juice Miscellaneous Loop
stagnation Miscellaneous Loop
googlyeyes Miscellaneous Loop
TIDALWAVE Miscellaneous Loop
Motherfuaahhh!! Hip Hop - Modern Song
gnar be like Miscellaneous Loop
awestruck Miscellaneous Loop
koolaid Hip Hop - Modern Loop
ASDF Miscellaneous Loop
jawbreaker+ Miscellaneous Loop
Memory Card Nerdcore Loop
all the juice+ Miscellaneous Loop
mango Miscellaneous Loop
liquorice Miscellaneous Loop
strike Miscellaneous Loop
scream Miscellaneous Loop
safari disco club Pop Loop
rookie serve me boof Hip Hop - Modern Loop
pineapple+ Hip Hop - Modern Loop
spinkick+ Dance Loop
neptune Experimental Loop
reckless+ Experimental Loop
mad bones Hip Hop - Modern Loop
princess+ Experimental Loop
eclipse Hip Hop - Modern Loop
water+ Experimental Loop
WATCH THIS Experimental Loop
GOING UP Experimental Loop
no fish Experimental Loop
soreness TENDER Brit Pop Loop
particularly Experimental Loop
fruitcake+ Experimental Loop
56K Experimental Song
soysauce Miscellaneous Loop
jakarta World Loop
PEACHES Experimental Loop
VERTIGO Experimental Loop
badband Indie Loop
Everything But You Miscellaneous Loop
DIGITAL Experimental Loop
FIRST!! Experimental Loop
stickynotes Experimental Loop
HOW I DO Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Alls FAIR Miscellaneous Loop
leftover Miscellaneous Loop
Shuffle Slow Dance Loop
Shuffle Rad Dance Loop
CHILL Experimental Loop
freebies Experimental Loop
Nidalee :3 Experimental Loop
DELICIA Hip Hop - Modern Loop
bOXBEAT Experimental Loop
When My Balls Pop Pop Loop
caution+ Experimental Loop

2013 Submissions

new method+ Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
GINGER+ Fusion Loop
major+ Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
dash duck+ Nerdcore Loop
abcs Experimental Loop
REincarnate Brit Pop Voice
creme de la who? Hip Hop - Modern Loop
oldvibe+ Experimental Loop
that70sflow Brit Pop Loop
ALMOST Fusion Loop
Caramel Fusion Loop
BOLT Experimental Loop
Silly-illy Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
kangaroo pouch+ Experimental Loop
very low+ Funk Song
Jungalunga Fusion Loop
HotPocket Fusion Loop
TOASTED Experimental Loop
phrases+ Experimental Loop
MARCH IN! Hip Hop - Modern Loop
wrong again Miscellaneous Loop
WONDER+ Fusion Loop
STARBURST+ Fusion Loop
HALA! Experimental Loop
Humpy Dumpy Day Experimental Loop
Amber Pop Loop
ISOLATED+ Trance Loop
PRETENDER Experimental Loop
BILLING!! Fusion Loop
Bump Like Acne Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
monkey heart+ Dance Song
DISCOnnect Experimental Loop
no pressure Indie Loop
crisp+ Experimental Loop
boom da BOOM Hip Hop - Modern Loop
laughing matter + House Loop
tinq tinq + Experimental Loop
cassio pt.2 Pop Loop
off topic Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
80tok+ Fusion Loop
bonusss+ Dance Loop
purplething+ Experimental Loop
How I Perform!! Hip Hop - Modern Loop
spicy fewd+ Experimental Loop
Cassio Pop Loop
Reggaeton Fail+ World Loop
mas o menos (1st recording) Pop Voice
dat sheep (vocals) Pop Voice
swiftkick+ Experimental Loop
Get That Dun Da Da! Hip Hop - Modern Loop
What You Expect?? Brit Pop Loop
3535 Experimental Loop
out it let Pop Loop
321- MissyElliott rap Hip Hop - Modern Song
sux+ Miscellaneous Loop
MICAH+ Experimental Loop
EXOTIC+ Experimental Loop
Concentrate+ Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Galaxy House Loop
JELLY Experimental Loop
157 MEGA Brit Pop Loop
POPmatic Pop Loop
Don't Care Experimental Loop
Sangria Experimental Loop
Sexy Robots Pop Song
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Pop Song
metramis Miscellaneous Loop
FOH Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Hip Hop - Modern Song
RUSSIAN me Nerdcore Loop
TeXas Dance Loop
ZILCH Nerdcore Loop
CUBANITO Miscellaneous Loop
Cows Come Home! Miscellaneous Loop
JIMBO Miscellaneous Loop
DAINTS! Miscellaneous Loop
SHOCK Nerdcore Loop
espresso Drum N Bass Loop
WALNUT Miscellaneous Loop
underneaths Pop Loop
HIGH Techno Loop
HELP ME!! Miscellaneous Loop
Come and Have FUN!! Pop Song
HONEY Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Sore Throat Circa 2008 Nerdcore Loop
GO AWAY!!! Brit Pop Loop
Just the Beginning Pop Song

2012 Submissions

CHEWING Drum N Bass Loop
TARGET Drum N Bass Loop
SAY Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
FEARLESS Miscellaneous Loop
TANZANITE Miscellaneous Song
CASH Brit Pop Loop
12/12/12 Hip Hop - Modern Loop
meltdown Miscellaneous Loop
Gsh!t Funk Loop
Check Out Techno Loop
Volts and Green Techno Song
Digital Bop Brit Pop Song
Not so BAD Brit Pop Loop
JungleJUNGLE Drum N Bass Loop
Cinnabun Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Rainy Noon Brit Pop Loop
Polynesian Sauce Miscellaneous Loop
KNOCKIN' Hip Hop - Modern Song
mercury gummyworms Miscellaneous Song
CRAZE Video Game Song
Super Sick Flow! A Capella Voice
WIRED Miscellaneous Loop
Random Clock O_O Pop Loop
INDIYAN Hip Hop - Modern Loop
CoCoPUFFs Ambient Loop
IS THAT YOU?? Pop Loop
Booty Fresh -n- Frooty Hip Hop - Modern Loop
SugarFree Miscellaneous Loop
Right Wrong Pop Loop
OUTDONE Miscellaneous Song
TIME TO GO! Hip Hop - Modern Song
FIRE! Brit Pop Loop
Back 2 Miami Hip Hop - Modern Song
[Squid Eggs] Nerdcore Loop
Yuu Pop Loop
Chill Out Brit Pop Loop
Let's BEGIN!! Miscellaneous Song
Noob@LIFE Dance Loop
Tiger Tiger Pop Song
nowhere Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Fatal Loop-da-la-ley Pop Loop
Chakra Meditari Hip Hop - Modern Song
Arp Arp >_> Pop Loop
Red Flag Hip Hop - Modern Song
White Flag Dance Loop
Swallows Hip Hop - Modern Song
EXOTICA Miscellaneous Loop
Cutting Hip Hop - Modern Song
GANKED Nerdcore Song
dropBIZZY Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Natural Way Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Melted Slushies Brit Pop Loop
DreamCatchers Trance Song
Terra LUNA Rocket Rock it Nerdcore Loop
Fa La La La Lollies Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Slushies 4 Summer Brit Pop Loop
You Can't Make Me! Pop Song
I Shouldn't Trust You Miscellaneous Loop
Just Like THAT!! Hip Hop - Modern Loop
rastaGLITCH Hip Hop - Modern Loop
(WELCOME) Pop Song
Pink Sugar Miscellaneous Loop
TRANSFAT Hip Hop - Modern Loop
This is on the RADIO Hip Hop - Modern Loop
I Break Beats Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Again? Hip Hop - Modern Song
Dollars Pounds Yen Hip Hop - Modern Loop
CRYPTOsporidium Dance Song
like a TEDDY bear Hip Hop - Modern Loop
REUNITED Nerdcore Song
CRANKIN Hip Hop - Modern Loop
THROWBACK Hip Hop - Modern Loop
We Are Siamese Hip Hop - Modern Loop
GUNMEN Miscellaneous Loop
MissyElliott > NickiMinaj Hip Hop - Modern Song
(The Dozens) Hip Hop - Modern Song
(goosebumps) Hip Hop - Modern Song
Freak All Day Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Vybz so Bogus Hip Hop - Modern Song
(TAKEOVER) Dance Song
Did I do that? (urkel voice) Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Buy Me Headphones!! Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Chevy Hip Hop - Modern Loop
act so strange Hip Hop - Modern Song
INDO Hip Hop - Modern Song
fart HARDER Brit Pop Loop
NAGASAKI nagasaki Hip Hop - Modern Song
GASP/SIGH! Hip Hop - Modern Song
WANNAdo Hip Hop - Modern Song
wicked trance Trance Loop
TOO CHILL Hip Hop - Modern Loop
MY SH!T Hip Hop - Modern Song
Cool Engine Hip Hop - Modern Song
Leaned to the Side Hip Hop - Modern Song
HIT ME!!! Pop Loop
H E A T Hip Hop - Modern Song
Stop and Stop (go GO!) Pop Loop
Taiko (Drums) Hip Hop - Modern Song
butt naked desert snake Miscellaneous Loop
Jangle Jangle Hip Hop - Modern Song
Chargin' (backstage) Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Watch and Learn Pop Song
Call me HOTNESS Pop Loop
Cans&Pines Miscellaneous Song
BIT BIT Hip Hop - Modern Loop
SEGA+ Video Game Loop
Putties Boodutties Miscellaneous Song
Rita (rangers Make Me Hawhaw) Hip Hop - Modern Song
Triceratops Punk Loop
Mastadon Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Pink Ranger Miscellaneous Song
Sabertooth Tiger! Miscellaneous Song
Nasty Lip Beatbox Miscellaneous Loop
DOMO ZOU MO! Indie Song
Work M.E. Hip Hop - Modern Loop
M. aka why? L.A. Indie Song
not silent Industrial Loop
Ha' You Doinnn.. Miscellaneous Loop
and clam down Miscellaneous Loop
You Dont Know How Strong I AM Miscellaneous Loop
Shiggle Pop Brit Pop Loop
Right About NOW!! Miscellaneous Loop
OH OK.. >_> Industrial Loop
Get Ya Hair Done! Miscellaneous Loop
Snapple Industrial Loop
LET'S VOMIT Miscellaneous Loop
Am Wild Woof Woof! Miscellaneous Loop
Volts and Pink Brit Pop Song
Don't Play Shy! Miscellaneous Loop
Go Go! Mmpr By Tart Brit Pop Loop
Eat the Schnitzle! Indie Loop
Legend of Zartea! Indie Loop
Precious Jewels of Zartea! Miscellaneous Loop
Chocopie Miscellaneous Loop
Creeper mojo Miscellaneous Loop
Get my mojo back Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Raise the Dead TART'10 Hip Hop - Modern Song
Click Flashem Brit Pop Loop
lemon lime concubine Trance Song
Hawt Chix Hip Hop - Modern Song
Comeback Stage! Brit Pop Song
Pop the POP Brit Pop Loop
Ears Not Same Brit Pop Loop
Zebra Meatloaf Techno Loop
BRING IT//Fight! Brit Pop Song
DOORI Miscellaneous Loop
Volts and Blue Miscellaneous Song
Practice makes Miscellaneous Loop
Torpor Time...zzz Indie Loop
Static Friction RD2010 Indie Loop
Jewish RD2010 Indie Loop
2Cute/2Compute RD2010 Indie Song
Maximum/wave Indie Loop
Furafura BOOMBOOM!! Indie Song
Swedish Minute Indie Loop
Touch My Bullet! Indie Song
Spicy Korean BBQ Hip Hop - Modern Loop
<_< what now? Brit Pop Loop
Put it in there!! Brit Pop Loop
If I may.. RMK? Techno Loop
If I may..?? Techno Loop
Nxt Lvl=almost Win! Video Game Loop
Random Cake 2 Brit Pop Loop
Spookerss Miscellaneous Loop
Crimson Thunder RMK Miscellaneous Song
SonyaPwns 2 Video Game Loop
Go Back To Korea Jaebeom! Indie Loop
Hillslide Technic Indie Loop
Volts and Yellow Indie Loop
March March! Indie Loop
boogworthy 2 Indie Loop
Boogworthy Indie Loop

2009 Submissions

Random Cake Indie Loop
cRAZee Miscellaneous Loop
No.Heart.Beat.Future. Pop Loop
Miami Live Dance Loop
Dial meh Pop Song
National Zombie Endsong Miscellaneous Song
National Zombie Attack Pop Song